Was Adam's phone fake???
Was Adam's phone fake???

WAS ADAM'S PHONE A FAKE??Remember when Blake Shelton tweeted out Adam Levine’s phone number live on TV?  The phone rang non stop during the show.  Heck even Blake answered some phone calls during the show!  But was it really Adam’s cell phone??  Some insiders are saying that it was not his phone, but just a dummy burn phone! Well “The Voice” host Carson Daily is saying that it absolutely was Adam’s phone number and he still can’t believe he did it!  So who do you believe?  Either way it looks like Adam has his eyes strictly on revenge.  Blake look out brother!!  Meanwhile on the show Blake and Adam still have 3 left in the top 8.  Usher and Shakira lost a team member last night so they are now down to just 1 contestant each.
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