Sara Evans With NO Makeup!
Created by dmichaels on 8/2/2012 3:37:41 PM

Look at Sara Evans sans makeup! Talk about a hot mama! She posted the above photo on her facebook page and it's gathered 43,000 likes, and counting! 

When asked why she thinks the photo gained so much traction she said,  "I really have no idea why this photo is getting so much attention." 

"We really just decided to send it on a whim, and there wasn't a lot of thought put into it on my part other than why not just send a picture out to everybody with no makeup on and let them see me exactly how I look without makeup."

"I think that the reason it's gotten so much attention is that people really do love to see celebrities, or maybe people that they look up to, and see them just be real. That's probably why."

Well, I for one love it! And I wish I looked that good au naturale! 

You know, this reminds me of someone who probably wishes she looked as good as Sara! Remember this photo?

PIC: See Faith Hill Without Makeup!

Yeah, I'm guessing Faith Hill won't be posting any more pics of her without makeup anytime soon!