Darius Rucker Donating $10,000 Worth of Toys to One Lucky City Through Contest
Created by dmichaels on 11/19/2012 9:27:18 AM

Darius Rucker has $10,000 worth of toys to donate this holiday season to one lucky city. 

Fans can now vote for their city to win the toy drop at Eventful.com/Competitions/DariusRucker2012

Darius explains why he decided to kick off the holiday season with his 'True Believers' Holiday Toy Drop Demand It contest on Eventful.com.

"You know, it's another one of those little things you can do to give back. I'm hoping everybody votes for some small town up in the Northeast that really needs it. You know, even if they don't, I'll probably match it and find a small town that needs it. It's one of those things that where it's another easy way to give back that you can get your fans involved. That's a no-brainer."