Week 2: Blind Auditions
Created by dmichaels on 10/3/2013 12:47:05 PM

Week 2 of the blind auditions continued with some famous families, celebrity lookalikes, and of course amazing voices! Let me break down my favorite moments of the show this week!

First thing firsts: the judges are hilarious! Week 2 kicked off with Blake Shelton bringing his Voice trophies into the studio (to be used as ammunition later) and the other judges - especially Adam - have made it their goal to dethrone the 3 time champ. The best way to do that, however, is to get some amazing team members!

Right off the bat Blake scores a great singer with a vacuum salesman look and a smooth and soulful voice. Single dad Ray Boudreaux from Louisiana is just too cute and fits great with Blake's team - Adam even says he's a more handsome version of Blake!

One of the more inspiring stories of night 3 is that of Malford Milligan, a 54 year old black albino from Austin, Texas. His audition seems promising with a raspy and pitch perfect rendition of "Let's Stay Together," but unfortunately on one turns around. What I love most about this show is how nice everyone is and the judges encouraged him to return. He left with a smile on his face saying he was "so happy" to have the opportunity.

It certainly takes a lot of guts to get out and sing in front of an audience and 4 super star judges, but to get up and sing one of the judges songs? That takes a whole different kind of courage. Jason Blake, an endearing southern daddy to be from Savannah, Tennessee stuck to his country roots and sang Blake Shelton's "Sure Be Cool If You Did." Surprisingly, Blake was the only judge to not turn his chair. Even more shocking, none of the other judges recognized the tune as Blake's (which was hilarious!). Adam ended up scoring the country crooner who I think could go far in the competition if he reels back the grunt in his lower register. 

Fans of the Big Bang Theory got a surprise when star Kaley Cuoco made a guest appearance on the show! In one of the finest displays of family I've ever seen on television, Kaley appeared on the show in support of her sister, Briana, who was auditioning. Kaley was so supportive of Briana, who had for years been supportive of Kaley's career. Briana ended up on Christina's team and the screaming and jumping ensued when Briana returned to the family viewing room.

We were introduced to another singer with a famous family member in night 4 of the blind auditions. Will Champlin's father was an original member of the band Chicago. Having a musical background paid off cause this guy was good! I found myself rooting so hard for the judges to turn their chairs. Finally they did and Adam landed a terrific team member!

A girl who I also rooted for unfortunately was not selected by one of the judges. Recent high school grad Macey Estes of Greenwood, Indiana had a definite pop sound and look. Upon meeting the judges after no one turned she even rapped about being on the Voice - a pretty good rap too. The judges encouraged her to return next season and I hope she does. I was highly disappointed they passed. 

James Irwin, the final singer this week, took the same advice from the coaches last year and returned with a redemption performance. In a history making moment all 4 judges turned their chairs - the only time all 4 have responded to a comeback voice. Ultimately James chose Adam as his mentor - putting Adam at a very good advantage this season.


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